Once upon a time people watched ads so they could make informed decisions. Not anymore. Now we have Google, Alexa, text messaging, Facebook. The Internet answers all our questions.

To wit: The cost of getting anyone’s attention has increased seven-to-nine fold in the last twenty years.

Ads can’t find us.

But interesting stories? Unique ideas? Bigfoot driving around in a little sports car? Now you have our attention.

People will always engage with a compelling and well-crafted tale. One that’s familiar because it taps into deep-seated truths, yet surprising because it delivers in a unique way.

> With time running out in his run for Congress, Dean Phillips came to us needing just such a story. How, amidst a cacophony of political noise, could he sit down by the fire and have everyone gather round, hanging on his every word?

This is how.

Within hours of this single, 1-minute and 22-second video being posted by @phillipsforcongress to YouTube and Twitter, Bigfoot quickly made waves across Minnesota, the country and the world.

Bigfoot (Really) is The Star of This Political Attack Ad

“I thought I was good at hiding,” says a somber, contemplative Bigfoot in this new political attack ad out of Minnesota.





Bigfoot Stars In Fantastic New Political Ad For Congressional Candidate

So many things could have gone wrong with a new TV spot from Minnesota’s “Dean Phillips For Congress” campaign.

Campaign Ad Starring Bigfoot Seeks to Track Down Elusive GOP Congressman

“Does Erik Paulsen really exist?” the mythical creature asks.

Bigfoot Appears in Best Campaign Ad Ever

Latest campaign advertisement cleverly equates the absent Paulsen to the elusive Bigfoot.

A Bigfoot Sighting in a Suddenly At-Risk Republican Seat

Because a Democrat could lead this affluent Minnesota district for the first time since 1961.

Democrats Are Going For Laughs in Their Midterms Ads. Republicans Are Going For Fear.

Why 2018 candidates, parties and PACs are getting creative with their political ads.

Dean Phillips defeated incumbent Rep. Erik Paulsen in the general election for Minnesota’s 3rd Congressional District on November 6, 2018 with a 12% margin.

On January 3rd, 2019, he was sworn in as a member of the United States House of Representatives.

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